Doggo Parcours Waterproof Agility Shoes

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The next shipment of DOGGO Parcours Agility Shoes will be ready for delivery in January 2018^

Most new orders will be fulfilled once the shipment has arrived.

The DOGGO Parcours is a waterproof shoe that is designed for agility.

There is extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot for comfort, and an extra layer of lateral reinforcement all the way around the shoe provides excellent side support to help prevent your foot from twisting when you're making quick changes of direction.

The shoe is super comfortable to wear and feels supportive if you have foot problems. It is a unisex shoe with a generous toe box if you have wider feet.

What size shoe will fit you? DOGGO Parcours is sold in European sizes. Shoes run true to size. Click on the Sizing chart to compare your current US Shoe size to the DOGGO sizes.


  • Continuous waterproof membrane provides weatherproof, breathable comfort
  • Quick lacing system and lace storage pocket
  • Studded trail-type outsole profile for excellent grip on artificial turf, grass, and dirt; provides better grip than other shoes on soft, wet, or loosely packed surfaces
  • Ergonomically shaped sole optimally supports the natural motion of the foot
  • Mesh and PU upper
  • Extra cushioning and padding for the forefoot and heel
  • Removable insole - can use with orthotics
  • Stitched tongue that doesn't slide back and forth
  • Reinforced toe box

 ^Delivery subject to change with reasonable notice.